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Hydro Excavation utilizes pressurized water to break up the ground into pieces and remove it by air conveyance into a debris tank. This provides non-destructive means to safely locate underground utilities and precisely excavate in that area. By using our hand held wands, we are able to do very precise projects.

Instead of manual or mechanical digging methods, Hydro Excavation utilizes water as the digging tool. This provides safe, fast, and precise excavations compared to a less than accurate excavator or back-hoe bucket. This process allows for less backfill, less labor costs, and less environmental impact than other digging methods.

Example of precise hydro-excavation
Another example of precise hydro-excavation
Example of peforming hydro-excavation around obstacles


We use Hydro Excavation to expose underground utility by using water pressure and a powerful vacuum system. The only way to prevent damaging buried cables and pipes before digging is to pothole the utility. Once you have exposed the utility to the daylight, there is no question of location or depth of the utility. By using Hydro Excavation, you are using a less risky and more precise excavation.

Utility Pole Holes

We use Hydro Excavation to dig utility pole holes and concrete base holes for contractors, utility providers, and municipalities. If a buried utility is exposed during excavation, the utility isn't damaged. This is by far the safest method. It is the preferred method of opening utility pole holes.

Hydro Excavation/ Hydrovac Excavation

By using Hydro Excavation, you are preventing damages to utilities by back hoes, trenchers, and other conventional digging equipment. The uncovered utility can be seen by the entire work crew, leaving less room for any mistakes.

Utility Excavation

Valley Hydro Excavation assist utility construction professionals with their underground projects. We are able to expose the existing buried infrastructures prior to the beginning of excavation. With this, we are able to provide peace of mind before using back-hoes, trenchers, or augers.

Remote Excavation

We are able to access various confined areas including a steep hillside, building basement, and a backyard. By using water pressure and a powerful vacuum, we are able to dig anywhere a back-hoe can't access. We are able to dig trenches in existing buildings for plumbing pipe relocations or in remote areas for culvert pipe cleaning. We can dig in your backyard without taking down fences.

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