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Safety Policies

Operator Qualifications

Valley Hydro Excavation, LLC's Operator Qualification (OQ) Program complies with the Office of Pipeline Safety of the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Qualification of Pipeline Personnel Regulation (49CFR Part 192 Subpart N and Part 196 Subpart (G).

Valley Hydro Excavation, LLC belongs to the Midwest Energy Association. This allows all employees of Valley Hydro Excavation to become Operator Qualified through their Covered Task List. Valley Hydro Excavation follows the Midwest Energy Association's program for Operator Qualification. The OQ program equips employees to perform specific covered tasks thereby reducing the probability and consequences of incident. Valley Hydro Excavation's OQ Trainer has attended the Midwest Energy Associations' "Train the Evaluator" training course.

Training Policy

All employees are required to attend safety, health, and environment training programs. Employees are required to be knowledgeable about company safety policies and procedures, as well as how to identify workplace hazards.

Training Requirements

We provide training for all employees that include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

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